Travel Bank

Welcome to Virgin Australia Travel bank

Travel Bank is an online account that allows customers to manage their credits with Virgin Australia. It has replaced the credit shells and vouchers that you may be familiar with. For more detailed information regarding Travel Bank and your credits, visit the FAQ Page.

If you received a travel credit shell prior to 12 January 2013, please contact the Guest Call Centre to make and pay for a new booking with that credit shell.
When a passenger changes travel plans and the ticket needs to be refunded or exchanged the outstanding balance is credited to either an existing account or a new account is created for a passenger that has not had a refund previously.
Refunds or part exchange balances are credited to a Travel Bank account as 'soft' dollars that can only be used to purchase a new ticket for further travel.
Purchasing a new ticket can be fulfilled either online throught the airlines booking engine or via the airlines agent reservations system.
Credit expiry limits are set by the airline so unused dollars do not become a financial liability for the airline.
The program is beneficial for both the airline and the passenger. Travel Bank assists the airline to build loyalty amongst passengers by allowing credits on unused tickets towards future travel.
Travel Bank can be used for both individual travellers and corporations.